A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage

(edited from Pastor Jason Brenenstuhl’s opening remarks on Blue and White Sunday, June 28, 2015)



When thinking about the recent Supreme Court Ruling on marriage, first of all we have to remember that the Bible has always been about loving the sinner and hating the sin. Whether it be a lie from a young child or a terrorist attack, sin is sin. But God loves that little child, and God loves that terrorist. So it’s never to be questioned that we are to love the sinner and hate the sin.

People are feeling a lot of sadness and anger because of the loss of our godly heritage and the loss of pride that we used to feel and still want to feel in America. As some people want to change those traditional principles, the argument becomes charged with emotion, which makes it difficult to look at the facts. Some people perhaps will be even sadder and angrier than I am simply because they’re older and have seen our heritage erode over a longer period of time. They see more clearly what is being thrown away, and they’re very emotional. It would be pretty callous of me if I went up to them and said, “Hey! Look at the bright side—it’s all going to burn up anyway!”

 A year before I was born abortion was legalized, so I grew up in a society where abortion was the norm. I notice a lack of urgency from my generation about the atrocity of abortion because throughout our lifetime abortion has been part of the fabric of our society. And now with this new definition of marriage, the present generation and the generations to follow will grow up considering this as normal--and so I’m afraid for our future.

But what we should do? We should capitalize on the great opportunity that we still have. Do you realize that the greatest church growth in the past 75 years took place in the 60s and 70s—times of moral degeneracy, political corruption, liberal government, and demoralizing music.  Even though the 60s and 70s were pretty dark days, people still preached the gospel, they still stood for righteousness, and they still reached out to others.

I want people to understand that as watchmen we’re not here just to fight. Remember that as watchmen we don’t have a sword—we have a trumpet, and we’re not calling just our own soldiers. We’re calling to the enemy to join us! Hopefully they’re going to change their minds and join us as we hand out scriptures and extend to them a hand of love and concern. What a great opportunity we have! Even with our more limited freedoms today, we still have much, much more freedom than before 1776 in this country, and more freedom than in most foreign countries. And to simply say because the Supreme Court has broadened the definition of marriage that therefore we are going to shut things down, get ready for a battle, hunker down, dig a foxhole, and just live in there and wait for Christ to come back—that is exactly what the devil wants us to do! Of course we could respond in an emotional way and pick up a stone and throw it at someone—someone who may not even be the enemy. Sometimes there are arguments between people who are not even mad at each other-- just emotional. So be sure you know who the enemy is! The enemy is the world, the flesh, and the devil.

I still want to see God bless America. I still want to cherish the freedoms that we had in the past, and I want to stop the loss of our freedoms in the future. I want to preserve our traditional American freedoms so that lots of people can hear the gospel and learn to serve God. I want my kids and my grandkids to have that freedom, and the way to preserve that is to use every freedom that we have.

We still have many freedoms that we can thrive in and use to our advantage. We can vote, get involved in local and national government, stay informed, have days like Blue and White Sunday, preach the gospel, pray, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. If Paul could preach the gospel under the Roman government, which was not even remotely connected to spiritual things, if he could plant churches, if he could encourage other Christians, if he could stand for Christ, certainly we can too, using the freedoms still available to us.

We have a secret weapon. The secret weapon is “The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.” We need to get the gospel to these people. I still believe it’s possible for our president to get saved. I believe it’s possible for the conservative politician to get saved. God can convert their souls, convert their thinking, convert their mindsets, convert their whole idea of how our country should be governed.

I’m sad about the decision, but the Supreme Court does not have the power to negate what the scripture says. Marriage is still marriage. This ruling doesn’t make me mad at any group of people; it doesn’t make me hate them; it doesn’t make me wish them harm. They need to be saved. Do I grieve? Absolutely! Am I angry at the situation? Yes! But God expects us to demonstrate love and patience and kindness while still standing on that rock-solid belief in what the Bible says. The Bible is still the truth. Unsaved people need to listen to the Bible for the gospel. Saved people need to listen to the Bible to know how to live and how to share the gospel with others. The Bible says of these three—faith, hope, and charity—that the greatest of these is charity. What could be greater than my faith in Jesus Christ and the hope of eternal life? Love! That’s greater than those? Yes!

So don’t let all the emotion around this Supreme Court ruling pull you away from God, and don’t let it discourage you. The darker the night, the greater the light. This is the time to see souls saved and people added to the church!