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Wyldewood Baptist Church
3030 Witzel Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54904
P: (920) 235-5400

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The Omega Ministry is an integral part of the Wyldewood Ministry Development Fund (WMDF), a ministry of Wyldewood Baptist Church. Gifts received by this ministry are used primarily to provide short-term financial support for trained national pastors on the foreign field. See our brochure for more information.

The Omega Ministry was established in January of 2000 as a way to provide temporary financial support for new fundamental Baptist pastors. While we support a few men in the United States, the main emphasis is upon foreign national pastors and missionaries who are planting churches on the foreign field.

We are keenly aware of the need for good training and thorough accountability in Christian ministry, and this is especially important in work involving foreign national pastors. Working through local churches and mission agencies in the United States, we contact fundamental Baptist missionaries who are involved in church planting and in training national pastors. These missionaries are following the Biblical pattern for reaching people with the Gospel of Christ. (First they win lost souls, then they disciple them and establish a church.) Once they have discipled some believers to maturity, they begin training men to become pastors to their own people. These American missionaries also help the Omega Ministry by communicating financial needs and by providing accountability and oversight for the national pastors he has trained.

There are many expenses associated with setting up a Bible school for pastoral training. Purchasing resource material, feeding students who have traveled great distances, providing lodging for those who stay "on campus," and perhaps hiring additional instructors. The Omega Ministry helps meet some of these foundational needs through one-time gifts.

Once a man has been trained to pastor, he typically establishes his own church in a nearby village. The first few years of his ministry are usually difficult, even though he may be very zealous and well trained. During these early years is when he still needs some guidance from his "training missionary" and financial support from the outside. The Omega Ministry works through the missionary to assess the needs of the national pastor. When a need is demonstrated, we send financial support to help support the new church and pastor. This support is usually sent for one year, and then the needs are re-evaluated.

We are very conscious of the fact that national pastors are needed to reach their own people. They have many advantages over foreign missionaries: they already know the language and the culture, they are used to the living conditions and climate, they have already developed immunities to many of the diseases, and they do not have to get governmental permission to remain in their country. In addition, they can survive on much less money than a foreign missionary can, frequently on less than ten per-cent of the support. This enables us to support many more national pastors for the same amount of money!

If you desire more information or if you would like to make a contribution to the Omega Ministry, please contact us at the church and ask for Pastor Randy King or Tabitha Burton, Director of Operations